Mickey mouse original drawing I previously done verse acrylic canvas painting I made today

This just shows as much as I tried to make the canvas as similar as possible to the drawing I had done previously, no art piece goes to plan. It stands out in its own unique way. I also realised as I made a few mistakes along the way I was able to correct them with the acrylic paint using a layering technique with the paintbrush .

Latest Drawing

It’s to be a drawing of thumper but not sure it’s quite turned out like Thumper. That’s the amazing thing about art when you are producing your own art it never turns out as expected and this is what makes every piece created unique in its own way. Not only that everyone’s eyes interpret something different from artwork whether it’s their own they are observing or an another artists. That’s one of the things I love about art each art piece or project tells it’s own story and not always the same story for every person. 🙂

My calling

I've found my calling. 

Wherever I go

Inspiration calls me from within

I'm hearing ideas play out continously

I've found my calling

This can be an awakening

All depends on the realisations which flow to mind

I've found my calling

I know there's more to me now than a mum

Everything beginning to come into sync

I've found my calling

I can reflect on how I've grown

Along my journey from becoming a mum

I'm on the way to finding my higher self

So, yes it sure feels like ive found, ive found my calling

Staying ahead of the game

Sometimes life itself can feel like an endless list of things to do. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming too.   Sometimes you may feel like you’ve lost track. What I find helps is listing and prioritising.  This way I’m always planning ahead and doing my best to stay ahead of the game.     

       I know this may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I find organising my to do list means I’m kept even more busy which means less time to think about other stresses.      Feeling more organised takes at least one load off your shoulders and also makes you feel more confident and positive about setting goals for yourself.   Also, even though you are busy planning ahead don’t forget to enjoy each day as they come too.

And most importantly don’t forget too also live in the moment and just be yourself. Take the time to be kind to yourself as even the smallest things you get done is an achievement in itself.

Happy New Year

A new year, a new beginning

A new chance to shine like never before

A new time to spread some cheer as new adventures awaken

No matter what awaits each one of us we can make the best of every moment by working together

Let’s start this year with a BANG

By taken what we have learned over the years forward with us

A new year, a new beginning

We can all make a difference

We all leave our mark in this world so let’s make it a great one

Every year, no matter the road it takes us on is worth traveling

A new year, a new beginning

Now , always remember what we have learned from our past years

No matter how small or big it may seem it matters

So here’s to a New Year

A new year , a new beginning

We are their voice

Here’s a little quote I came up with “When it comes to your child or children don’t let others tell you otherwise you know your child or children better than anyone”. So, if you feel your child needs more support out there to progress don’t hold back. Don’t give up, be there voice and make sure you are heard.

So many children out there go through life and don’t get the right level support because our system fails them by not referring them for the tests which are needed. You are not alone so keep fighting for our children and let’s make sure they have the best future possible.

Sally’s Dream

Sally dreamed of being a princess. In her dreams she felt like one more than ever, running among the field of flowers feeling like she was in her own heaven. Sally’s hair danced in the breeze looking so radiant. The scent of the fresh grass and roses fulfilled her. It was just bliss. She wore a flower tiara and a white floral laced dress.

The sunlight beamed down all round her like sparkling diamonds glistening in the sun. No words could sum up how carefree she felt in that moment. There was nothing weighing her down. So, her mind was light as a feather . There was no end to this beautiful meadow so it went on forever and forever looking and feeling magical as she continued exploring it.

They were also these fluffy snowy white bunny’s whom would run or dance along with her as she ventured through the meadow along with fairies and other magical creatures. The fun in the magical world of Sally’s dream was infinite….

The silent screams is another old piece of mine I wrote based around how dark it can feel when suffering from ptsd, anxiety and depression. I drew from current personal experiences at the time i wrote this in order to create a picture to help others have an understanding of the impact of mental health around the world. Today as I reflect and share this I also want those who suffer silently to know you are not alone. There is a light at the end of every tunnel. No matter how far in the darkness you may feel there is a way out. I used to be in that dark place and I found my strength and got out. It wasn’t easy and it was scary but I spoke out and with the support of others around me I found a way out.

Silent Screams

Once again I’m as fragile as glass.
Or a broken mirror hiding behind the cracks.

Once again I can hear the silent screams
As the storms hails down around me
I want to scream yet again

It’s hard to breathe while the walls are caving in on me
I want to just let it all flood out
But instead I scream silently inside

The dam is sure to break once again
As I don’t no how much more pain I can take
My mind is so full to the brim that my bottle must be due to overflow

Once again I can hear the silent screams
So loud my head feels like it could burst

Once again I’m lost in that dark tunnel
Waiting for my angel of light to show me my way back out

Once again there is a fiery ball stuck in my throat
Fiery sparks tingle throughout my body

Once again am turned to stone feeling like i’m a statue
Haunted day and night lost in time
Silently screaming inside

Here is a poem from my old blog. I wrote it back in February 2020. I’ve came along way since then but it can be good to reflect as you can learn something new everytime.

Some Days

Some days I may feel broken

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

I wonder if I’ll ever feel whole again

Some days I may feel I’m on a roll

The pieces are falling back into place

I feel i can take the toll

Some days are overwhelming

My own mind overtakes me

I feel like I’m suffocating

Some days are uplifting

I feel I’m finally on the upbeat path

So much I’m laughing into myself

I realise they will be better days

There is a glimmer of light in the darkest nights

All one needs is to turn on the light